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Asus GTX 560

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013. | Computer Hardware Reviews

Asus GTX 560 is a graphics card that was design to replace the previous series from Asus GTX 460. This graphics card has some similarities features as GTX 460 such as the number of cuda cores, ROPs and texture units, but significant changes occur in the transistor system that can improve the performance to deliver a better result when playing a game or some tough applications.


In the design of the Asus GTX 560, The NVIDIA builds the specification of over clock system which is different from the other card graphic series. You will notice, the GTX 560 over clock is only has a speed of about 800 MHz for the GPU, and a few other cards graphic card series in the market has been in the range of 850 MHz and others exceeding 900 MHz. However, to the average in the running of most game application, the GTX 560 is able to provide the best performance.

GPU is embedded in the Asus GTX 560 named GF114 which is still unchanged from the type that found on the Asus GPU GTX 460. However, the GPU is designed by applying a mixture of new transistor that can reduce power consumption and improve its performance, so it is possible for GF114 to provide a higher clock rate.

A GF114 feature found on Asus GTX 560 is manufactured by process TSMC 40n node with the transistors amount up to 1.95 billion. You will find on the GF114 is has 48 features cuda cores, 8 texture units, and a polymorph engine. In short, the system found on the Asus GPU GTX 560 is similar with the previous series “Asus GTX 460”.

Turning to the other features, the Asus GTX 560 is also designed with a dual-fan cooler and a custom cooling which is available to reduce heat inside the graphic card. In another case, The heat who is generate near the GPU it can be transferred more efficiently due to the copper heat-pipe contained in the GPU system. With the presence of such features, the Asus GTX 560 can perform a variety of jobs at a steady pace, while you use it in a long time.

Overall, the Asus GTX 560 has a graphics card that has structure design above average at this time. The graphics card is also capable of being used for a variety of tough applications and games with satisfactory performance in all sectors.